What can we expect to get out of radio plugging?

• Plays on the radio
• Promotion for your single, e.p. or album
• Exposure/buzz
• Extra “likes” and “talks” on your social media pages
• More fans
• Downloads of your music
• Sign ups to your mailing list (if you have one)
• More visits to your website (if you have one)
• Merchandise sales (if you have any)
• DJs getting to know you and being interested in you
• Journalists and bloggers getting to know you
• The chance to get your gigs promoted.
• The chance to be talked about on radio station pages/blogs/playlists… and DJ’s personal Facebook pages
• The chance of getting some great quotes to put on your “quotes” page on your website or social media pages.
Radio play from one station can lead to other stations playing you
Getting radio play makes you LOOK good.  People reading your Facebook page where you talk about radio stations playing you will be impressed and think you’ve moved up a few rungs of the ladder.
Chances are you will get some radio sessions and interviews offered. Good experience and great fun!
Press coverage on blog sites and other websites.
A pay out from PRS for airplay you receive. We heard one of our artists received £77.00 for one play on BBC Radio 2.  (You have to be a member of PRS of course!)

Plus, you never know who’s listening to the radio at the time you are on it.  Someone from a label may hear you, a booking agent may hear you, another DJ may hear you. These people may like you and look into you further. You may get signed, get a booking agent, get more gigs, get more airplay.

Who are you going to be plugging to?

Already detailed on the site – everyone from podcast DJ’s up to national radio presenters and producers. We tailor the campaign for each of our clients and only send to radio presenters and producers that we think will like your music.  We send individual emails to our contacts rather than a blanket impersonal email.

How long does the process last?

Not all campaigns are the same. One of our recent clients was still getting plays after 22 weeks! Campaigns last between 3 and 8 weeks on average, depending on which package you choose.  (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

What notice do you need to plug us?

We need as much notice as possible as our diary gets full up in advance and we’ll need to schedule you into it. We need to gather quite a bit of information beforehand and make our preparations before we can send out to radio.  Sometimes we have a last minute space available, so DO get in touch to make an enquiry.

What are your success stories?

We have different successes with each of our clients. Feel free to check the testimonial page and contact any of the artists on it. We work with bands and artists from all over the world, although they are mostly UK – based. We are very pleased to obtain 50- 60+ plays on different radio stations, per release. Some of those plays could be on national radio stations, but we cannot guarantee this.  No plugger can.

Do you cover all genres?

We mostly cover indie/alternative/rock and metal.  We also work with some pop acts and singer -songwriters.  To make sure your song is suitable for radio plays, get in touch with us to let us hear you.  We have to KNOW we can get you results before taking any money from you.

Is it a one-off fee and is there added VAT?

Yes, it is and no we don’t charge VAT.  Some pluggers will tie you into a 2 or 3 month campaign, charging you for each month. With Pluggin’ Baby, it’s one payment and we continue to work with you and feedback to you until the job’s done.  We can set up a payment plan if you need to though.

What happens if a DJ wants to interview us?

We’ll sort out all the details for you. Whether it’s a face to face interview or session, or whether a phone call or Skype call would suffice. If a journalist wants information about the band to write a piece about you, we will send all press materials out to them and send you the article when it’s finished.

How long does it take to set up plugging campaign

Around 2 weeks, but remember, we need to have space in the schedule as we dedicate a lot of time for each artist/band we work with to maximise the time spent on their campaign.  It’s best to book us as far in advance as possible – as soon as your track is produced and mixed is a good indication of time to allow.

What do we need to give you?

Basically, a high quality, well produced, radio-ready track, artwork, band photos, biography, MP3 of the song we’re promoting, details of your live dates and access to a WAV of the single. Plus ISRC code and detail of the record label (if any)  You will need to pay up front and we will send an invoice in advance which us payable within 5 working days.

How often will you give us feedback/updates?

In the first week, you’ll receive feedback as soon as we hear that you’ll be getting played. After that, we’ll feedback every few days and then every week until the plays stop coming in. We can then discuss a follow-up single if you have one and start all over again if you wish to.

Will you advise us of the best track to plug to radio if we are not sure?

Absolutely, happy to.  We listen with “radio ears” and know what makes a good radio song and we’re not personally attached to your music in the early stages.  We advise you on the best radio song.

How do you plug our music to radio?

Once we have your MP3 set up as a private link on our Soundcloud page, we email our contacts for you asking them to listen to your music and tell them about you too. This is done between 2 and 4 weeks before your release date. We provide them with your social media links and live dates and your biography, so they know as much about you as they will need to without having to ask. Usually, if one of our contacts likes you and wants to play you, they’ll email us back and let us know when they’re going to play you. We will then pass the information on to you – so you can promote on your social media pages.

Does our song have to be released on iTunes for you to plug us?

No, but it’s not a bad thing to do a “proper release” for your music and there are plenty of sites willing to make that happen.  We like Ditto Music.  You can of course just run a plugging campaign to build the buzz of your band or release the track as a free download on your Bandcamp or Reverbnation page for example.

Will we get in the charts because we have a radio plugger?

Even though a lot of people think you only have to sell a couple of hundred downloads to get in the charts, this isn’t really how it works in reality.  If you’re an unsigned or independent artist, we feel you should expect to sell under 100 downloads of your single, which wouldn’t make it enter the top 40 charts I’m afraid. Using a radio plugger at grass roots level isn’t going to get you in the charts – but it may help you sell a few more downloads and raise the profile of your band.  If you are a member of PRS, you’ll find you could get yourself a few hundred quid in royalties though.

What guarantees can you give us?

No plugger in the land should guarantee plays on any stations as no one knows who will like you and who will play you. They should, however, be able to guarantee that you will be played on X amount of radio shows/stations as they will be able to tell from their past experiences with other artists like you.  They can take a guess at the number of plays and the sort of radio stations that will play you, but there are no guarantees at a national level.   We can guarantee you though – we don’t take on anyone unless we’re sure we can get you played!  We are so confident with our plugging, that we’ll give you your money back if we don’t get at least one of your songs played on at least 30 radio stations/shows during your campaign.

What can we do to support our release?

You need to get behind the release and the plugging campaign 100%. You will need to start the buzz on your Facebook/website/Twitter pages and tell everyone you have a song coming out. It’s a good idea to have some live dates to support your release – so you’re constantly talking about something on social media.  Get some decent photos done, do a “tour diary” or “studio diary” and out on YouTube etc. Take out an advertising campaign on social media to get your likes and followers up.  Interact with DJ’s that contact you to say they’re going to play you.  As soon as you hear from Pluggin Baby that you will be featured on a certain show – follow that show on social media and post a status about it too. Build the buzz and promote the promotion!  If you’re an unsigned/independent artist you need to push EXTRA hard to get noticed. Pluggin Baby will help a lot, but you need to get behind the release/campaign too.

Do you just send a blanket email out to a bunch of radio contacts?

Absolutely not! MANY other radio pluggers do this and for us at Pluggin Baby, it’s a real no-no! We email presenters and producers individually by hand (no mailing lists or spreadsheets here) until the job is done. We are friendly with most of the DJ’s we plug to and each email is personally written for each one. It takes a couple of days to email all our contacts and it would take minutes if we sent blanket emails – but we get better results the way we work – and we’ll never change it.

Any other questions? Just ask and if you want more information on how to build a buzz for your band, get Emma Scott’s new book – If It Was My Band… available via http://ifitwasmyband.com


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