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Pluggin’ Baby is a national radio plugging and PR business, celebrating its 10th year in 2023, and here to get you radio airplay as well as creating the much needed buzz for your music release.

Our founder, Emma Scott has worked in the music industry since the late 1980’s and has 35 years radio presenting experience, written two music industry books and won numerous awards for her gig promotions company, Emma Scott Presents.

Emma has worked for the two biggest radio groups in the UK (Bauer Radio and Global Radio ) at stations like Kerrang! Radio, Power FM, Capital FM, Heart, Galaxy FM, Metro FM, Juice FM and Hallam FM. She also hosts the globally syndicated Pluggin Baby Radio Show which is currently airing on 90+ radio stations around the world.

Pluggin’ Baby works with independent labels, artists and guitar bands specialising in pop-rock, alt-rock, Americana, classic-rock, blues-rock, pop-punk, prog-rock and indie-rock.

We plug to the whole of the UK and to other radio stations worldwide to get you the maximum exposure for your music.

We treat our clients more like family, going above and beyond and striving for the best results for them. You’ll be updated on your airplay twice a week, and receive in-depth reports on where your song is being played.

We really put our heart and soul into helping independent musicians thrive and be heard globally. 

We even offer a money back guarantee. 

Have a look at our campaign info, and hit the contact form if you’d like to talk to Emma about your releases.

What our clients say…

"We used Pluggin Baby for our last single. Emma did a fantastic job.
Got us out to more radio stations than I ever knew existed.
We will definitely be using Pluggin Baby for our next release."


The campaign was great!!! Thanks very much for your awesome work! Great results as always 🔥😁

Norquay  Norquay

After using Pluggin’ Baby for a few years now I would absolutely NOT recommend any bands or artists ever working with Emma, as she does such an amazing job that she won’t have any time to work her magic for us anymore!

She is truly amazing and provides THE BEST radio plugging service ever, as well as additional support, guidance, words of encouragement and advice from her years of radio experience, so we couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

The latest campaign for the Amongst Liars debut single surpassed our expectations, to the point that we received so much radio play and press that it was hard to keep up with all the socials - the band became a full time job, which was incredible.

She ties in really well with other PR companies and ensures that her part of the campaign is better than well delivered and she communicates and supports other PR areas too.

If you are thinking of radio plugging, Pluggin’ Baby gets a big fat ‘DO IT’ from us!

  Amongst Liars

This is one of those very rare occasions when the drummer is allowed out of his cage to go for ‘walkies’, so I’d like to take the opportunity to say a few words and a big thank you to someone who has gone above and beyond for my band.

A lady who I have never met personally, but in a way, I feel like I have. Me and the lads in Attic Theory know her as ‘Our Em’ because she has played such a vital role in getting our name out there and making sure our music is heard by the right people. Her professionalism is flawless and in my opinion, she is a superhero, helping up and coming bands get their voice heard in a notoriously difficult industry to be a part of.

I would urge anyone to get in touch with Emma Scott and her company Pluggin’ Baby. She really does know her stuff.

Thank you so much ‘Our Em’. You rock!” - Matt Simon, Attic Theory

Massive thanks to Emma at Pluggin' Baby for her help and support on the release of our debut single "Take a Bow". The track was our first, yet, with her help we gained radio plays worldwide including plays on the iconic Planet Rock Radio station, twice! What an achievement that was for us, we were so proud and it couldn't have been done without Emma and her contact knowledge. She kept us well informed of what was going on each week so that we could share what was happening with our fans and create a real buzz, highly recommend her services!

  Fires Of Freya

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