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Pluggin’ Baby is a national radio plugging and PR business, which celebrated its 10th year in 2023, and will get you radio airplay as well as creating the much needed buzz for your music release.

Our founder, Emma Scott has worked in the radio and music industry since 1988 and has 36 years radio presenting experience, written two music industry books and won numerous awards for her gig promotions company, Emma Scott Presents.

Emma has worked for the two biggest radio groups in the UK (Bauer Radio and Global Radio ) at stations like Kerrang! Radio, Power FM, Capital FM, Heart, Galaxy FM, Metro FM, Juice FM and Hallam FM. She also hosts the globally syndicated Pluggin Baby Radio Show which is currently airing on 110+ radio stations around the world. 

Pluggin’ Baby works with independent labels, artists and guitar bands specialising in commercial rock, pop-rock, alternative-rock, Americana, country-rock, classic-rock, blues-rock, pop-punk, prog-rock, singer-songwriter, guitar-pop, and indie-rock.

We plug to the whole of the UK and to other radio stations worldwide to get you the maximum exposure for your music.

We treat our clients more like family, going above and beyond and striving for the best results for them.

We really put our heart and soul into helping independent musicians thrive and be heard globally. 

We even offer a money back guarantee. 

Have a look at our campaign info, and hit the contact form if you’d like to talk to Emma about your releases.

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