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Pluggin’ Baby is now in its seventh year and is a national radio plugging business set up to get you played on the radio and to help create the much needed buzz for your music.

Our founder, Emma Scott has 25 years radio presenting experience and knows what radio presenters and producers expect from radio pluggers. She has worked all over the country and with many different radio groups and is plugging to a lot of people that she has a professional relationship with.

Emma has worked for the two biggest radio groups in the UK (Bauer Radio and Global Radio ) at stations like Kerrang! Radio, Power FM, Capital FM, Heart, Galaxy FM, Metro FM, Juice FM and Hallam FM.

Pluggin’ Baby works with unsigned and signed artists and bands specialising in indie, pop, country, singer-songwriter, rock and metal.

We plug to all types of radio stations large and small, UK based and some stations around the world too.

We have great contacts in radio and with various bloggers too. We advise our clients every step of the way to make sure they’re happy with their plugging at the beginning, during the campaign and at the end.

We really put our heart and soul into getting your music to as many people as possible and we want results as much as you do;-)

We hope to work with you soon:-)

Currently Plugging…


Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts - Unavailable - released on 9th October The debut solo album from British Singer/songwriter MATT MITCHELL was released in May 2019 under the moniker of MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS, the album was recorded at the legendary...



They say certain strength is built in the face of adversity and you can look no further than UK rock band Foxer as evidence for such claim. The past two years have been on the tempestuous side for the Portsmouth based trio but now they are back with a new single which...

As Sirens Fall

As Sirens Fall

An eye-catching alt-rock outfit based in West Yorkshire, known for their explosive live shows and die-hard fanbase. Proudly genre-defiant, the ‘aggressive pop’ group have released two EPs, 2016’s ‘The Hospital Party’ and 2018’s ‘Where Lost Things Go’, along with a...



Skyfever, as featured on BBC Across The Lines Introducing, Kerrang! Radio, Primordial Radio, Manx Radio and Planet Rock launch themselves into the mainstream with the release of their debut album 'Is This The End Of The World”. The title track was written in October...

Piqued Jacks

Piqued Jacks

Since emerging from Buggiano in Tuscany in 2006, Piqued Jacks has increasingly become a potent presence within the indie rock scene across Italy and Britain, their appeal and sound similarly luring stronger attention over the pond. Now with a fresh line-up in place...

Attic Theory

Attic Theory

Remaining members of Liverpudlian based rock band Matchstickmen, Lewis Wright and Peter Donnelly are joined by guitarists Tim Cunningham (Rain May Fall) and Matt Lawler, Kenny McArthur on bass and Matt Simon (Limehawk/Guns N’ Roses Tribute - Guns2 Roses) on drums.  ...

Dead Romantic

Dead Romantic

Dead Romantic are an English based pop/rock band formed in 2020 based near Manchester & signed to Mercia Records distributed through SONY/Orchard Global. Dead Romantic who describe themselves as possessing a “modern pop-rock sound, with heavy guitars, powerful...

Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes is already a household name on the South Wales rock circuit, having spent 2016 & 2017 plying their trade across the bustling scene's plethora of venues. Off the back of their critically acclaimed EP “The Other Side of Nowhere” 2018 saw the band...

What our clients say…

The campaign was great!!! Thanks very much for your awesome work! Great results as always 🔥😁

Norquay  Norquay

After using Pluggin’ Baby for a few years now I would absolutely NOT recommend any bands or artists ever working with Emma, as she does such an amazing job that she won’t have any time to work her magic for us anymore!

She is truly amazing and provides THE BEST radio plugging service ever, as well as additional support, guidance, words of encouragement and advice from her years of radio experience, so we couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

The latest campaign for the Amongst Liars debut single surpassed our expectations, to the point that we received so much radio play and press that it was hard to keep up with all the socials - the band became a full time job, which was incredible.

She ties in really well with other PR companies and ensures that her part of the campaign is better than well delivered and she communicates and supports other PR areas too.

If you are thinking of radio plugging, Pluggin’ Baby gets a big fat ‘DO IT’ from us!

  Amongst Liars

This is one of those very rare occasions when the drummer is allowed out of his cage to go for ‘walkies’, so I’d like to take the opportunity to say a few words and a big thank you to someone who has gone above and beyond for my band.

A lady who I have never met personally, but in a way, I feel like I have. Me and the lads in Attic Theory know her as ‘Our Em’ because she has played such a vital role in getting our name out there and making sure our music is heard by the right people. Her professionalism is flawless and in my opinion, she is a superhero, helping up and coming bands get their voice heard in a notoriously difficult industry to be a part of.

I would urge anyone to get in touch with Emma Scott and her company Pluggin’ Baby. She really does know her stuff.

Thank you so much ‘Our Em’. You rock!” - Matt Simon, Attic Theory

Massive thanks to Emma at Pluggin' Baby for her help and support on the release of our debut single "Take a Bow". The track was our first, yet, with her help we gained radio plays worldwide including plays on the iconic Planet Rock Radio station, twice! What an achievement that was for us, we were so proud and it couldn't have been done without Emma and her contact knowledge. She kept us well informed of what was going on each week so that we could share what was happening with our fans and create a real buzz, highly recommend her services!

  Fires Of Freya

The plugging campaign’s been great Emma! We’ve been more than thrilled with the results and have been delighted with all the plays. It’s been a pleasure and we’ll be sure to get in touch when we have some new material.

  The Cazales

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