hosting some of the freshest ear thrilling sounds to be found.

The highly anticipated weekly show is the creation of experienced veteran radio presenter EMMA SCOTT, pre-recorded and produced in her own Cambridgeshire home studio and hungry to share some of the most exciting artists and releases around.

At its heart is the host of artists from Emma’s radio plugging side, a highly successful avenue for her support which for many years has brought global radio play and success to her clients.

Equally though, the show will share bands and artists and indeed records past and present which have fired up Emma’s musical passion since day one and over the 30 years plus she has been one of the keenest forces in music and radio presenting. With her appetite and energy continuing to burst from her seams, THE PLUGGIN’ BABY RADIO SHOW will also see Emma talking to established artists and airing acoustic sessions, the show continuing to bring new and exciting enticements for its listeners along the way.

With over 30 radio stations from around the world already on board and daily many more opening up their arms to the possibility of hosting the show, THE PLUGGIN’ BABY RADIO SHOW is already whipping up excitement in the same way Emma has over the years with the likes of Kerrang! Radio, Power FM, Capital FM, Heart, Galaxy FM and many more.

In the words of Emma, “Having worked in the music industry for over 30 years, I have radio in my blood” and as the show will epitomise and the music industry can attest to over the past couple of decades or so, the supporting and promoting of new bands and great sounds lies deep in her heart, it all brought forth once more with the fun and passion only rock ‘n’ roll can inspire.

A fresh exciting breath in every sense, Welcome to THE PLUGGIN’ BABY RADIO SHOW!

Where to Hear The Pluggin’ Baby Radio Show

242 Radio

Alive 107.3

Alt UK Radio

Ashdown Radio, Kent

Belter Radio

Big Ear Radio

Brumside Radio


Conquest Hospital Community Radio

Dazzle FM

DCR Online

Dean Radio


Fab Radio International

Jaxx Radio

K107 FM

Kinetic 7 Radio


Monie’s New Music Radio

Nevis Radio

PowerON, Canaries

Radio Essentials

Radio Six International

Radio Sylvia

Radio Sports Live

Real Life Radio

RFTK Radio

Rock it FM, Australia

Rock Radio UK

Salford City Radio

SG1 Radio

Sound of Spitfire

Sunshine Music iRadio

Switch Radio Essex

Sword Radio UK

The Crew Rock Radio

The UG Media

Voodoo Radio

Way Out Radio

West Norfolk Radio

Wolf Rock Radio

Zack FM


The Playlist

Show 4

My Chemical Romance – I’m Not OK

Attic Theory – Narrow Lines

A State of Romance – A List Lives

Electrasy – Morning Afterglow

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous – Get Some

Rancid – Time Bomb

CLKWRK – Poison

Lacuna Soil session – Unspoken

AHA – Take on Me

Reel Big Fish – Take on Me

Stone Broken – Stronger

Those Damn Crows – Wake Up (Sleepwalker)

These Wicked Rivers interview

These Wicked Rivers – Evergreen

Anti-Clone – End of the World

Slyder Smith and the Oblivion Kids – When the Rain Comes

Primal Scream – Rocks

Hour 2

Beastie Boys – Fight for your Right

Joanovarc – Invisible Enemy

These Wicked Rivers interview 2

These Wicked Rivers – Floyd

Bowling for Soup – Almost

Biffy Clyro – Who’s Got a Match?

Time of the Mouth – Ride (here we go again)

Incubus – Wish You Were Here

Nightblade – No One is to Blame

Lacuna Coil session track – Heaven’s a Lie

Francesco Marras – You set my heart on fire

Fall Out Boy – Sugar we’re going down

These Wicked Rivers chat

These Wicked Rivers – Shine On

Marshall Potts – Free and Easy

Black Water Fiend – Wish You Well

The Verve – Love is Noise

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