We’ve worked with Emma at Pluggin’ Baby on many releases over the years, and she’s always been upfront, honest and delivers what she says, which is a very rare quality in this industry. She helped us immensely in 2023 when we had a huge campaign of 12 singles in 12 months from our 2024 album “Whispers Of Woe”. 

As an unsigned independent band it was great to have someone in our corner throughout the release period.  As a bonus, Emma played all 12 of our releases on her syndicated radio shows, which kept the buzz going throughout the year, outside of the official plugging canpaigns. 

Emma is dependable and gets results, we have always enjoyed working with her. We definitely recommend her if you’re looking for radio exposure and to cut through all the noise out there.

Gary McGuiness



We’ve been working with Emma at Pluggin’ Baby for four years.  Throughout that time she has worked tirelessly on our campaigns and got us fantastic results. 

Her knowledge, experience, support & guidance have been invaluable.  Thanks, Emma!

Ollie Goddard


We’ve been astonished with the results Emma has achieved with our latest single ‘Ambience’

It has boosted our online presence and streaming figures so much, and we can’t wait to work with Pluggin’ Baby again on future releases.



We absolutely loved working with Emma on 2 single releases! She was very professional and gave us detailed reports of where our music was played around the world.

She also helped us secure our first national radio play, which we’ll be forever grateful for!

Thanks a lot!



Pluggin Baby? What can I say?

Well, Emma Scott is one of the best independent PR people in the business.  There’s no mucking around – she’s straight to the point and gets the job done – way above what you can imagine.

This is why Hurricane#1 use Pluggin Baby for all their releases. Thank you Emma.

Alex Lowe


We began working with Emma a couple of years ago.  After spending years working with various pluggers and PR agencies who promised the earth (while apparently on a personal quest to bankrupt us in the process), we’d made our minds up with our new band; give this Emma lass a go who we’d heard about from time to time – and if her plugging came up short, then swear off radio forever and maybe set up shop in the bagging area of a Netto to play to passers by – it would probably pick us up more fans.

Emma however totally changed our perception about what plugging could achieve for us as a band. Not only did she get us airplay on innumerable community radio stations around the world, she had huge success with nationals and internationals too – giving us results that totally changed the trajectory of the band. To say that we were impressed would be underselling the word ‘impressed’.

If you need your band on the radio, use Pluggin’ Baby. You won’t be disappointed.

Nick Pilgrim


We were absolutely thrilled with the results of our radio promo and plugging for our three singles by Emma and Pluggin Baby!

We wish we had used her earlier; there was a massive spike in radio play and interest once she was involved. Total next level attitude and results.

Thank you, Queen of the radio pluggers!


Approachable, hard-working, passionate and devotion to her Pluggin Babies, is what sets Emma apart from other pluggers.  Her one-on-one strategies and consultancy make you as the client feel appreciated and special.  

Emma’s personable and dedicated nature has helped Downtown Patriots receive thousands of minutes of radio airplay across the globe, reaching more listeners than ever before.  Thanks Em, you’re a star!

Danny Watts


Emma was a delight to work with.  She took our band to new heights with national radio play on the likes of Kerrang! Radio and Planet Rock, as well as hundreds of  international plays on stations in America, Australia and more. Pluggin Baby put us on a world stage in front of an audience of millions.

Her weekly breakdowns of radio play helped us clearly see what markets we were breaking through in. It was an incredible experience.

James McCulloch


We cannot speak highly enough of Emma and Pluggin’ Baby. The transparency, professionalism and campaign results are divine. Without her, we wouldn’t have received the airplay and media coverage that we have. There’s not even a speck of doubt that we’ll work together again. Emma isn’t just a “service”, she’s an extra member of the band family, who we treasure dearly!

Effy, Standing Like Statues

VIX 20

I’ve had the pleasure of working with and knowing Emma for a number of years.  Without her determination, attention to detail and coaching particularly with aspects of social media Vix20 would have failed at the first single.  Always approachable and most importantly pragmatic we simply will not work with anyone else. 

Gary Mills, Vix 20


Emma has been fantastic to work alongside our releases from our debut album, we have had some good traction along the journey which we would had never have had if it wasn’t for Pluggin’ Baby. Always in touch with anything juicy to share. She pulled out all the hurdles which come along and took out all the hassle of 100’s of phone calls and emails cold calling radio stations & presenters. If you’re serious about your music and want to do your masterpieces justice then it’s worth the investment, what’s the point of spending thousands on your recordings and then leaving them on a shelf. Let your music be heard!

Scott Wardell, This House We Built


Pluggin Baby works so well because Emma is so passionate about music and gives her all to every campaign she is involved with. Whether it’s a new band just starting out or an established band, she provides the same level of care, professionalism and attention to detail and won’t be satisfied until the goals are met! Continual communication, updates and campaign  reports keep the clients engaged.

What Emma does brilliantly is manage expectations and has a very forthright and honest approach to the music and how successful the track or campaign could be. Due to Emma’s vast experience she is well trusted and really has become part of the band as her involvement, input and creative feedback is as important as anything else.  100% dedication and hard work! A pleasure to work with!

Dom Greenwood, Dead Reynolds


The most incredible plugging campaign ever! Emma is the best plugger in the world!!  

Getting played on Kerrang! Radio has made our dreams come true. Thank you so much!

Shelley & Keira, JOANovARC


It’s been a beast of campaign – thank you! A real eye-opener in terms of what can be done when working with the right people!

Looking forward to the next one.

Niall Parker, Gravity Machine


I’ve been lucky enough to work with Emma on multiple occasions and she never fails to impress me with her hard work, passion, and doing the right thing by her clients. She’s qualified and with an extensive proven track record, one of the most trustworthy people I know in the music industry.

Rob Town (Stampede Press)


If you want your music to be heard everywhere, hire Pluggin’ Baby.  Emma promised results and that’s what I got!

Mick, The Heartland Collective


Working with Emma is amazing, she’s been invaluable to us with her experience and guidance and is a lovely person to top it all off.

We wouldn’t hesitate to work together again!

Ally and Danny – The Virginmarys


After using Pluggin’ Baby for a few years now I would absolutely NOT recommend any bands or artists ever working with Emma, as she does such an amazing job that she won’t have any time to work her magic for us anymore!

She is truly amazing and provides THE BEST radio plugging service ever, as well as additional support, guidance, words of encouragement and advice from her years of radio experience, so we couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

The latest campaign for the Amongst Liars debut single surpassed our expectations, to the point that we received so much radio play and press that it was hard to keep up with all the socials – the band became a full time job, which was  incredible.

If you are thinking of radio plugging, Pluggin’ Baby gets a big fat ‘DO IT’ from us!


Emma was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish – super friendly and easy to communicate with, making the whole campaign enjoyable and stress free! She kept us in the loop every step of the way and demonstrated a perfect balance of being both professional and personable, not to mention – she gets the results! We are stoked to see the long list of airplay we achieved thanks to Emma’s hard work. Pluggin Baby gets the highest recommendation from us!

Saints of Sin


We are so glad we chose to work with Pluggin Baby. Our track has reached a much wider audience than we would have been able to reach on our own and we really appreciate all the effort Emma put into our campaign. Her emails were regular and detailed with updates about where the track has been played, and it’s lovely to hear such great feedback praising the track. We hope to work with Pluggin Baby again soon, thank you! 



I have to say that Pluggin Baby really did deliver from the word go!  Everything was carefully documented so the whole band can understand what’s going on.  Throughout the whole campaign we were regularly informed and updated. We also had some great comments from some of the DJs who played our songs, which was a lovely bonus. I would recommend Emma to any band who is serious about getting airplay because she doesn’t disappoint, and that’s pretty rare nowadays in the music industry. Emma is professional, gets the job done and a pleasure to work with.

Mark Crosby

Patti Dixon

I would like to give a huge thank you to Emma Scott at Pluggin’ Baby! She’s an undeniable force in the music industry.  She works so hard for her artists – and it shows. 

Since I started working with Pluggin Baby my music has been heard all over the world and I have formed relationships with high profile radio presenters and producers – including the BBC.  I’ve been offered interviews, received glowing reviews, and appeared alongside artists that have been influential and inspirational in my own music career.

Onward we go!



This is one of those very rare occasions when the drummer is allowed out of his cage to go for ‘walkies’, so I’d like to take the opportunity to say a few words and a big thank you to someone who has gone above and beyond for my band.
A lady who I have never met personally, but in a way, I feel like I have. Me and the lads in Attic Theory know her as ‘Our Em’ because she has played such a vital role in getting our name out there and making sure our music is heard by the right people. Her professionalism is flawless and in my opinion, she is a superhero, helping up and coming bands get their voice heard in a notoriously difficult industry to be a part of.
I would urge anyone to get in touch with Emma Scott and her company Pluggin’ Baby. She really does know her stuff.
Thank you so much ‘Our Em’. You rock!” – Matt Simon, Attic Theory


“Emma is so great and easy to work with, with great communication, timely updates and great results. Being an Australian band, she’s helped get us major radio play in the UK, Europe and more which we never could’ve done without her.

I can highly recommend her and her services if you’re looking for lots of radio play worldwide!”

Damn The Wolves

“Emma has run a couple of radio plugging campaigns for us and we’re been delighted with the response and work Emma has put in. Alongside being super-efficient, professional and super on-it, Emma is always friendly and affable. Regular updates and keeping in contact throughout the campaigns also made it at absolute joy to have Emma on board! “

Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

It’s with thanks to Pluggin Baby we landed plays on the likes of BBC Radio 2 / Planet Rock Radio, Kerrang! Radio and many more. 

From the 1st single to the last, Emma Scott will fly your flag high and proud to get your music played on the best stations possible”


“We used Pluggin Baby for our last single. Emma did a fantastic job. Got us out to more radio stations than I ever knew existed.
We will definitely be using Pluggin Baby for our next release.”


“We had a great time working with Emma on a 3 single release campaign over a 6 month period. The results were fantastic, being played across countless stations including Kerrang! Radio and many great reviews as well. We were kept up to date with reports on how everything was going. Highly recommend! “

Mike Ross

“Emma did a fantastic job plugging tracks from my most recent album release, we hit all of our campaign targets and more!

Really professional and friendly service – Emma is great to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough!”


“When we first used Pluggin’ Baby, we’d only been together as a band for a few months. But as soon as we released our debut single, Emma was on the ball.

The next thing we knew is we were waking up to hundreds of notifications on our socials and we were being played on radio stations around the world! Emma also got our tracks on our favourite radio station ‘Kerrang!’ Radio a few times – we couldn’t be happier.

Emma is lovely too; she’ll answer all your questions and give you advice along the way. Fully recommend! “

We're All Aliens

Pluggin Baby did a three track campaign in support of our debut album ‘Get A Life’ which was released just before the pandemic. Without the support of radio, all our best efforts would have gone totally unnoticed but thanks to Emma and the tireless way she looks after her bands, we ended the year with airplay across Planet Rock, Kerrang! Radio, Total Rock, BBC Introducing and a wide section of online stations across the world that make up the fabric of the rock music community.

Add to that a nomination for a radio award and I’d say that the our expectations were were managed and achieved in abundance

Trick Shot

Pluggin’ Baby, what can I say? To take a band from 1 song in their recorded repertoire to being signed to a label via their plugging services tells me that Emma is bang on the money for value, expertise and opportunity!

Emma is always professional, helpful and friendly in the admin side of her business and a pretty cool human being to boot.
If you are looking for radio plugging into the UK market, she is pound for pound, the finest around and I can see why she is the one and only ‘Red Hot, Emma Scott.


“When we first started working with Emma she told us that after plugging our music to radio, airplay was going to be pretty instant – and as soon as we announced the 1st single for our album – BOOM there it was, we were being played all over the world from New York to Paris and Paris to Perth Australia and back to Wales.

Emma worked her magic for all 3 of our singles for our album, with them receiving airplay on Kerrang! Radio, Planet Rock, Primordial Radio and hundreds of others.

I remember looking at my phone and we had 53 notifications in less than 5 minutes through Twitter! Emma made our time on the run up to the album launch really special and memorable, I have Kerrang! Radio tweeting our name next to Metallica and Pantera printed as a canvas on my wall. That says it all really.”


We did a 3 single campaign with Emma’s Pluggin’ Baby to accompany our album release Life As We Know It. All three singles received, national and international airplay including some of rocks most sought after stations like Planet Rock and Kerrang! Radio.


Despite new platforms of streaming and downloading, radio is still an important medium to reach new fans and Emma has a great network and reputation amongst DJs.

If you want radio airplay, Pluggin’ Baby is your answer.


I think working with “our Em” I have seen how important using a PR/plugging consultant can really be.
In the past, with previous bands, I have been left feeling ripped off and ignored, to be quite honest. My experience with Pluggin’ Baby has left me feeling quite the opposite.
From the outset of our campaign we saw results. Day after day we were played on numerous stations and we received constant feedback from Em.
She’s an absolute professional, so easy to work with and has gone above and beyond for us.
This is definitely not the last time we’ll work together – I think we have a beautiful future together!
Tim Cunningham, Attic Theory

Fires Of Freya

Massive thanks to Emma at Pluggin’ Baby for her help and support on the release of our debut single “Take a Bow”. The track was our first, yet, with her help we gained radio plays worldwide including plays on the iconic Planet Rock Radio station, twice! What an achievement that was for us, we were so proud and it couldn’t have been done without Emma and her contact knowledge. She kept us well informed of what was going on each week so that we could share what was happening with our fans and create a real buzz, highly recommend her services!


The plugging campaign’s been great Emma! We’ve been more than thrilled with the results and have been delighted with all the plays. It’s been a pleasure and we’ll be sure to get in touch when we have some new material.


The radio exposure was way better than expected with Planet Rock spinning our single for 6 weeks in a row and then Janice Long playing it on BBC Radio Wales – not to mention Europe, Australia and USA:-)
Off the back of that we were featured in NME online and Edinburgh Fringe found us there and booked us. Pluggin’ Baby isn’t just radio exposure, it’s a crucial platform for every band that wants that critical next step to radio play or music reviews.
Alan, Scott, Matty, Mike, John and Andrew – Emerald Sunday


“Pluggin’ Baby first worked on a track of ours which had been released on a record a year earlier.
As it was the final single of that cycle we were expecting a decent reaction but nothing like the previous singles. We were very wrong!
We had tonnes of interviews and interest from radio stations both locally and nationally. The song had the most radio play we have ever had on a single, and this led to festival and support tour bookings.
The results were fantastic and Emma is a pleasure to work with.”


“Krysthla enlisted the help of Emma as radio plugger for the lead track “Zero Sum Game” from our forthcoming album. The results were excellent, as were the regular updates of where the track was being played and when. It’s a great service that we’d definitely recommend and use again ourselves.”


“Pluggin’ Baby is a key part of our breakthrough onto UK Radio. Emma has been relentless in promoting our single to the right people and keep us in the loop of each airplay and feature. If you have a release which you feel has a chance of radio play, use Pluggin Baby!”


Working with Emma is a real pleasure, because she’s not “just” a highly competent professional, but also a true music enthusiast, who puts real love and passion in what she does. Our songs gained wide exposure – even outside the “radio world” – and had been featured on outlets such as Kerrang! Radio, BBC Radio Wales and Louder Than War. In this business full of sharks, Emma is certainly one of the few people we’ve worked with that you can totally trust. Thanks for everything, Emma!


Wow, what a campaign! We were so pleased with every aspect.
Definitely not your average radio plugger, we will definitely be in touch to work together again & we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services of Pluggin Baby all day long for all your campaign needs.
Professional approach, friendly advice, & affordable rates and over a 12 month period we have received countless interviews, excellent online reviews across a broad church in the rock fraternity, radio play on hundreds of stations across the UK and beyond. We’ve had online magazines reviews, management/label enquiries & best of all several times selected as #1 artist of the month, & #1 Online Chart positions across multiple stations.
We asked Pluggin Baby for a campaign that would spread the brand across the Rock community – they did & it still goes on months after the campaign has ended. Thank YOU!


You play to get heard. That’s the purpose of all these hours, days, years that you put in to your music. But to get heard, you need a guide, someone that will use their set of keys to unlock doors and guide you beyond them, into the otherwise restricted areas. Pluggin Baby does that.
Working with Pluggin’ Baby has been a pleasure and made a difference for us as a band, which we never could have achieved on our own. We have had more spins on UK radio than we could imagine and hopefully that will be the foundation for the next step in our career. Emma is always there, replies to every question, every e-mail. Even though she at times are heavily burdened with work, she stays positive and encouraging. She will tell you her opinion straight if you ask for it, and you can trust that she knows her business. It has been pure fun and we will be back for more!
Pryll Tellegard


Emma at Pluggin’ Baby provided an excellent bespoke radio campaign for my single Rust.
Within days of pre release Emma had secured spins on key stations plus live sessions and interviews across the UK and beyond.
She’s a positive force with incredible enthusiasm and I highly recommend her.


All I can say is RESULTS! Not only is Emma very diligent but she delivers with a keen wit and a great sense of humour. She’s open to suggestions, brings a lot of her own, is very easy to work with and her connections are VAST! As a testament to her character, the DJ’s and radio presenters that she set up my interviews with were very complimentary of her. She’s relentless and I would classify her as working “above and beyond the call of duty”. I feel we got a lot done with one campaign for the first single off of my newest release, “Gray Matterz” and I’ll be working with her in the new year on my next single release. Thanks Emma!


Pluggin Baby have been a total pleasure to work with. Starting late in the game as an ‘Original Artist’ it seemed like a lavish risk to try and get some radio play – however looking back at the last 8-10 weeks I have seen my profile grow and over 100 stations play my music on a regular basis. I feel I have my foot in a very essential door and with an album on the way I know there is a community of FM & Online Radio stations that will support and nurture my emerging releases. After speaking with Emma on the phone, I knew that if anyone was going to respectfully support my interests, not fob me off with unachievable targets and charge me a decent fee then it was going to be Pluggin’ Baby


Emma Scott & Pluggin Baby are the real deal. They do what they say and they deliver. Emma went above & beyond what we expected. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry & Emma gets the grand prize for keeping her word & following through. The biggest names in the industry failed miserably every time. Emma has integrity & in an industry of snakes that is very refreshing. I could not say enough great things about Emma & Pluggin Baby. I highly recommend them.
Tony West, Blacklist Union


Emma Scott was a legend to us. Awesome DJ, Pure Rawk Promoter of the Year 3 years in a row, Author of “Break Your Band” which we had bought, read and re-read long before we decided to approach Emma’s “Pluggin Baby” service. We’d worked hard on our music, found the best recording studio and producer we could, packaged and sent out dozens of copies with a press pack, tea-bag and kit-kat, but the responses were few and far between from radio stations. We’d never worked with a “plugger” before, but it was Emma or no-one. So we gave it a go. And we waited, as you do for all good things. Then an email……. Emma loved our track “We’re Alive!”. Much dancing & grinning was to be seen in THEIA HQ that night! The campaign was discussed, a launch date was set, and we set her loose. The results have been extraordinary and have truly surpassed our hopes and expectations. Emma has kept us informed throughout of plays and comments from DJ’s. But she has also given invaluable advice as we have gone along. She has listened to us, guided us, helped us co-ordinate other gigs and postings on social media. We have felt that she was on our side from the start and at no stage did we feel like we were “just another customer”. But even more than all of that – by believing in us, Emma has given us yet more self-belief and confidence in what we do. As musicians, you can’t put a price on that. If you have a cracking track that needs plugging, Pluggin Baby is the ONLY place to go.”


Feral Sun are stoked to be working alongside and have the support from Emma Scott at Pluggin? Baby. Emma has been working her magic with plugging our singles to radio along with copious amounts of PR. Thanks to her around the Clock work ethic, our first single “Long Road” got played on many stations around the UK and Emma as always keeping us updated with the amazing feedback. We love the fact that Emma can keep us on our toes while all the while, forever there to give amazing advice, as and when she can.

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