THEIA “Emma Scott was a legend to us. Awesome DJ, Pure Rawk Promoter of the Year 3 years in a row, Author of “Break Your Band” which we had bought, read and re-read long before we decided to approach Emma’s “Pluggin Baby” service. We’d worked hard on our music, found the best recording studio and producer we could, packaged and sent out dozens of copies with a press pack, tea-bag and kit-kat, but the responses were few and far between from radio stations. We’d never worked with a “plugger” before, but it was Emma or no-one. So we gave it a go. And we waited, as you do for all good things. Then an email……. Emma loved our track “We’re Alive!”. Much dancing & grinning was to be seen in THEIA HQ that night! The campaign was discussed, a launch date was set, and we set her loose. The results have been extraordinary and have truly surpassed our hopes and expectations. Emma has kept us informed throughout of plays and comments from DJ’s. But she has also given invaluable advice as we have gone along. She has listened to us, guided us, helped us co-ordinate other gigs and postings on social media. We have felt that she was on our side from the start and at no stage did we feel like we were “just another customer”. But even more than all of that – by believing in us, Emma has given us yet more self-belief and confidence in what we do. As musicians, you can’t put a price on that. If you have a cracking track that needs plugging, Pluggin Baby is the ONLY place to go.”

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