Steve Young

Pluggin Baby have been a total pleasure to work with. Starting late in the game as an ‘Original Artist’ it seemed like a lavish risk to try and get some radio play – however looking back at the last 8-10 weeks I have seen my profile grow and over 60 stations play my music on a regular basis (and not just the one song). How does this relate to units sold? I’m not sure that’s the priority at the moment. I do feel I have my foot in a very essential door and with an album on the way I know there is a community of FM & Online Radio stations that will support and nurture my emerging releases. After speaking with Emma on the phone back in July 2015 I knew that if anyone was going to respectfully support my interests, not fob me off with unachievable targets and charge me a decent fee then it was going to be Pluggin’ Baby

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