Sonic Kharma

You play to get heard. That’s the purpose of all these hours, days, years that you put in to your music. But to get heard, you need a guide, someone that will use their set of keys to unlock doors and guide you beyond them, into the otherwise restricted areas. Pluggin Baby does that.

Working with Pluggin’ Baby has been a pleasure and made a difference for us as a band, which we never could have achieved on our own. We have had more spins on UK radio than we could imagine and hopefully that will be the foundation for the next step in our career. Emma is always there, replies to every question, every e-mail. Even though she at times are heavily burdened with work, she stays positive and encouraging. She will tell you her opinion straight if you ask for it, and you can trust that she knows her business. It has been pure fun and we will be back for more!

Pryll Tellegard
Sonic Kharma

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