Nova Bloom

City Lights is the second single to be released by Nova Bloom in 2021, following on from the recent success of their debut single Heavy Hitter. 
The past 18 months haven’t been the easiest for the band during the lockdowns but Tom, Henry & Kieran have put pen to paper to vent how they have been feeling. 
City Lights features colourful anecdotes of teenage dreams and aspirations in a world that doesn’t seem to always welcome them. 
The band have reflected upon metropolitan life and the feeling of uncertainty in recent times, with the hope of better things to come. 
“Past freedoms of social gatherings, live events and some of our most unforgettable nights have heavily influenced City Lights.  City lights is a real powerhouse which most definitely leaves you asking for more. As a band we can’t wait for the world to hear it and play City Lights live”. Henry Richards
The band’s first single was Heavy Hitter, it earned the band an 8-week spot on the “New in Rock” Apple Playlist, and over 600 radio plays all over the world.

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