Coastal Fire Dept

This year, Guernsey 4 piece grunge-rockers, Coastal Fire Dept. released two singles to acclaim, many radio plays and positive reviews. During promotion duties for those singles, the band heard how their brand of grungy alt-rock didn’t quite fit some radio station expectations. With this in mind, the idea for the ‘Radio’ EP was born.

Whilst recording their second album ‘Connected’, views on songs were taken from outside the band and the favourites were chosen for the tracklisting. Those songs were then put through a “radio-friendly” process with long time producer Mikey Ferbrache overseeing them being licked into shape. Some songs were shortened, some had lyrics tweaked and one had a guest vocalist.

Comparisons to original grunge alt-rockers the Pixies continue to be made and ‘Radio’ sees Coastal Fire Dept. explore other sonic influences whilst maintaining their overall grungy vibe.

‘Radio’ veers from gnarly & gritty to smooth & poppy and back again whilst taking in a variety of tempos. A close friend of the band Tyler Edmonds (of indie power pop band Last Of The Light Brigade) provides the smooth pop sensibilities when taking on vocal duties for ‘The Message’.

On the radio focus track, Ollie says: “Coco is heavily influenced by the Freemasons and various stories, secrets, and conspiracies that have built up over time connected to them and their activities.”

The ‘Radio’ e.p. will be released on 4 Dec 20 and acts as a short introduction to their next album ‘Connected’ (release date 14 January 2021). All four songs from ‘Radio’ will appear on ‘Connected’ but in their original non-radio-friendly format!

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