Common cock ups with radio airplay submissions!

I’ve just spent the last few hours going through submissions for my Pluggin Baby Radio Show and there have been the usual mistakes made – which means no airplay for the artists in question – so I thought it was worth a quick post to cover the most common mistakes when trying to get airplay for your music.
In no particular order:
  1. Sending a link to a full album. Singles only please.
  2. Sending a link to Spotify or Youtube. We need downloadable links – for WAV and MP3.
  3. Not including lyrics. We need to check songs are clean.
  4. Not including a bio or any info about the artist or the release.
  5. Not including social media links. We need these for tagging on socials!
  6. Sending the wrong genre of music. Just guitar-based music for me, please.
  7. Sending too many songs in quick succession. Once every 6 – 8 weeks is plenty. Give someone else a chance!
  8. Sending songs that are far too long for radio play. Aim for under 4 minutes
  9. Using download inks that expire. It often takes music industry people a lot longer than a week to get to your email!
  10. Sending songs containing expletives. It just ain’t gonna happen on my show and 99% of other shows.
Hope that helps! You can submit music for the Pluggin Baby Radio Show via the Radio Show page. 

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