The nucleus of Kidderminster’s Nightblade was formed in 2010 and eleven years later the settled lineup looks like this: Mark Crosby on vocals, Sam Morse on Guitars, Tim Cutcliffe on Bass, backed up by Rich Lawley on Drums and keyboards.

Their debut album “Servant to Your Lair” was released in 2011, followed by the album Closer to The Threshold and then the Crisis Has No Prejudice e.p. in 2015.

Numerous high-profile gigs followed which saw Nightblade taking to the stage with highly regarded international acts such as Snakecharmer, Wolfsbane, and Diamond Head.

With a reputation for consistently producing a solid blend of exciting and attacking rock music, Nightblade has attracted fans worldwide, particularly in Germany, Japan, Scandinavia, and Europe in general.

2020 saw the release of their album “Ignorance Is Bliss” which brought a new alternative rock sound, delivering powerful melodies, anthemic choruses, and instantly infectious hooks.

The album spawned 5 singles, which received hundreds of plays on radio stations all over the world.

Frustrated at not being able to gig and fully promote Ignorance Is Bliss, the band turns their energies to writing and recording.

The album Unknown Territories is born. The album is due for release on September 24th.

Following on from Ignorance Is Bliss, this album contains 11 tracks, documenting a journey into mystery, darkness, the fearful unknown– a quest to understand the human mind and its minefield of complexities.

Diverse and with typical disdain of conformity, this album is built with Nightblade’s creativity – confident in the knowledge that it sounds good, whilst developing and refining what is ‘the Nightblade sound’ in the process.

About Wake Up:

“This song is an attempt for the nation and indeed the world to realise what is going on with the world politically. The most important things happening in the world are either glossed over or not even covered by the mainstream media.”  Mark Crosby.

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