Kendall Rucks

Florida Native, Alt Rock Singer Kendall Rucks, has released her new single, ”Bloom’’.

With her powerful vocals and sultry sound, Kendall fuses elements of rock, blues and dream pop to create music that is both provocative and captivating. Kendall’s ability to merge several genres is creating waves worldwide, allowing her to pack houses at several venues in the L.A. area.

“Bloom” opens with an awakening orchestral string sound, heavy drums and a stabbing piano. Kendall’s use of imagery through her captivating and poetic lyrics tell a story of the emotional power of love and passion and how these feelings can awaken someone in life.

Kendall quotes “It could be a first-time love or an experience of love for someone who has never felt love before”. The transformational Alt-Rock song includes a seductive hook as Kendall expresses self-discovery, personal growth and individual confidence as she repeats ‘Watch Me Bloom.’

Kendall metaphorically describes the ‘unknown’ as the dormant winter and the discovery of love as the blooming spring. Her sultry and lustful lyrics inspire listeners to embrace growth and allow the unfurling of the body & soul when it comes to the mystery of love.

Currently based in L.A, Kendall is planning a US tour as well as the release of multiple new singles.

Inspired by artists such as Fiona Apple, Lana Del Rey and Cat Power as well as groups like Nirvana, Radiohead and Garbage, Kendall makes music that is deep, thought-provoking and has soul with a sultry edge.

Her previous five singles have helped grow her following and garner her over 35K streams on Spotify.


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