Gravity Machine

Gravity Machine are two members – multi-instrumentalist Niall Parker (from Devon) and drummer Bob Shoesmith (from Sussex) who combine a huge range of influences.

From the cornerstones of heavy rock, progressive rock, electronica and acoustic styles all adding to the band’s distinctive sound.

Losing his wife to cancer in 2016, and taking inspiration from Neil Peart’s “Ghost Rider” book (detailing the Rush drummer’s journey through grief), Niall wrote a large canon of material

following this – “Creativity seems the best response to events like that – I’d pretty much stopped playing prior to this…but the songs emerged, one-by-one, each one adding it’s weight to their collective demand to be heard” Niall said.

Recognising that the wide ranges of genres and influences that the material covered required outstanding production expertise, Niall contacted Dartmoor-based producer Pete Miles

(Martin Grech, Bring Me The Horizon, Canterbury, Architects) at Middle Farm Studios; who after hearing the demos offered to produce the album in a series of session spanning 2018 and 2019.

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