"ELECTUS - Emma Scott aka Pluggin Baby - Wow, what a campaign! We were so pleased with every aspect. Definitely not your average radio plugger, we will definitely be in touch to work together again & we wouldn't hesitate to recommend the...

The 109s

Plenty of plays for The 109s, and making the Primordial Radio Spotify playlist

Gathering Of Strangers

Great support including Janice Long on her BBC Wales show for the latest release from Gathering Of Strangers


Leontas are off to a roaring start to their plugging campaign for new single "Rhythm + Blues" with a Kerrang! Radio play. Many thanks to Johnny Doom!

Sonic Kharma

You play to get heard. That’s the purpose of all these hours, days, years that you put in to your music. But to get heard, you need a guide, someone that will use their set of keys to unlock doors and guide you beyond them, into the otherwise...

Lee Murray

Emma at Pluggin' Baby provided an excellent bespoke radio campaign for my single Rust. Within days of pre release Emma had secured spins on key stations plus live sessions and interviews across the UK and beyond. She's a positive force with...

Marcella Detroit

All I can say is RESULTS! Not only is Emma very diligent but she delivers with a keen wit and a great sense of humour. She’s open to suggestions, brings a lot of her own, is very easy to work with and her connections are VAST! As a testament to...

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