Risa Hall hits the BBC Radio Manchester airwaves

Risa Hall is having an awesome week right now as she’s in the top 10 iTunes pre order charts and she’s been back at her beloved BBC Radio Manchester chatting about the new e.p. release.  She appeared on Sam Walker’s show today (Sept 29th) and had a lovely chat!

They even had time for a photo:-)


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The Senton Bombs played on Kerrang! Radio again

We’ve been busy plugging the new “Devil Trilogy” e.p from The Senton Bombs over the past couple of weeks – it’s actually been hard keeping up with the plays that the tracks are getting…!

The band (and us) were thrilled when they heard that Johnny Doom from Kerrang! Radio was going to play “Darkest Horse” this week (w/c Sept 26t) which put the cherry on the top of an already massive campaign.

Make sure you check out their new e.p.  It’s BIG!



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The Isle of Man love our ladies;-)

It was a big week for our very own Risa Hall and Scarlet Fantastic as they were both played on Manx Radio on Marc Tyleys’ Saturday Night Live show (Sept 24th)

Both songs sounded excellent on air and Marc followed up his play of Risa Hall with an interview with her for their evening show on Wednesday (28th Sept) – and  what an interview it was!

Thanks Marc:-)

pluggin-scarlett risa-hall-with-ramones-pic

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Let’s Twist(er) and shout about Kerrang! Radio

Our newest clients, Twister were firing on all cylinders this week (Sept 12th) as we plugged their new single Monroe. It went down an absolute storm and the first person that played it on the radio was Johnny Doom on Kerrang! Radio.

The band were thrilled as it was their first play on Kerrang! Radio – and we don’t think it will be the last.  DJ’s all over the country are loving the band.

Their new mini album is out in October.   Check it out!


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Things go fantastically well for Scarlet… Fantastic;-)

Scarlet Fantastic are having a great run of airplay at the moment as they’ve picked up plays galore for their new single Beyond Pluto.

They’ve had a busy week with a TV performance on London Live (Sept 14th) and a big London gig too (Sept 15th) – and having airplay all over the country and beyond is the icing on the cake!

Beyond Pluto is available on the album Reverie.  Out now.



No Doom and gloom for Indya

It’s been a great campaign so far for glam rockers, Indya who made it onto Johnny Doom’s evening show on Kerrang! Radio again this week (w/c Sept 12th).

He played their single Strip Me Down and seemed to enjoy the “sleazy title” as he introduced the track. He supported their last single on his show too.

Cheers, Johnny!


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Planet Radio play Broken Strings too

It’s another great result for The Survival Code, as not only are Kerrang! Radio playing their single, we were thrilled to see the playlist of the New Rock Show on Planet Rock Radio – as it included the single Broken Strings.

The track sounds awesome on the radio – thanks to Wyatt Wendels and Johnny Doom, and the plethora of other DJ’s all over the world that are playing the song.


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Bad Llama sounding good on Kerrang! Radio

As soon as we’d sent out Bad Llama’s new single – The Wolf You Feed – we heard that Johnny Doom was going to play it on his show on Kerrang! Radio the following night.

They release their Shedding Skin e.p on September 30th and we were spoilt for choice on which track to plug as it’s so awesome.  We look forward to seeing what else happens during the campaign:-)




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