Marcella appears on BBC Radio 2 – twice:-)

It’s been a pleasure plugging the new single from Shakespears Sister’s Marcella Detroit – and she flew into the UK from LA last week to appear on some of the radio shows we’d set up for her.

First up, she chats to Sara Cox on BBC Radio 2 this Saturday October 17th and then she follows that up with a session for the Bob Harris show next week, which will be broadcast later in November on Radio 2.

Marcella also did a wonderful session on Brooklands Radio last Sunday and will be doing a session for BBC Radio London on October 18th. She will be meeting up with Gaydio for a chat and a coffee (Phil Marriott’s show) as well as doing various phone and Skype chats with other supportive radio presenters here in the UK.

We’re busy deciding which song to release next from the Gray Matterz album.  It’s gonna be a busy time over the next couple of months, for sure:-)

Marcella and Sara Cox




It’s TV time for Theia!

Well done to our very own Theia who just released their debut album “Take The Pill” and have now appeared on the telly as well as the radio:-)

They’ve been played regularly on Planet Rock Radio as well as a plethora of radio shows all over the world –  and this week, were guests on Johnny Doom’s (Kerrang! Radio) TV show where their new video was also aired (October 14th).

The band have had 2 incredible plugging campaigns with us and we’re looking forward to doing the treble as they launch their next single in November.

Theia on Amp'd TV show

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