The Kut make the cut on Planet Rock Radio:-)

We had the pleasure of plugging the new e.p. from girl-rockers The Kut and were thrilled to see their new single “I Don’t Need Therapy” added to the New Rock Show playlist on Planet Rock Radio this weekend (April 25th) and will be in rotation for a few weeks.

Wyatt and the team at Planet Rock are such good supporters of ours and we’re so pleased to have 3 songs on the playlist right now.

Make sure you check out the new “Rock Paper Scissors” e.p. It’s out now.  And Planet Rock of course;-)

The Kut band pic 2

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Dark Stares for Planet Rock

We’re very proud to announce that Dark Stares have been added to the New Rock Show playlist on Planet Rock Radio from April 19th. Their song Hypnotise has created a storm all over the UK throughout their campaign so far and this national play is the icing on the cake for the band.

Well done to them and thanks to Wyatt Wendels and Planet Rock for supporting the band.  Their Soul Contract e.p. is available now and their launch gig is at London’s Barfly on May 2nd. Catch them before they explode:-)

Dark Stares - Band pic Red and Black

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The Carnabys on BBC Radio 1:-)

It’s been a brilliant campaign so far for The Carnabys , with excellent support from over 90 radio stations all over the UK and plays on BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Scotland (April 18th).  We were thrilled to hear them played on national BBC Radio 1 on April 15th as part of the Speed Date The Election show presented by Newsbeat’s Greg Dawson.

They chose to play The Pocket – as have BBC Radio Scotland – which is a great opportunity to announce that it will be the band’s next single to be released in the next couple of months. The Carnabys are definitely a band to watch. Remember where you read that first;-)

The Carnabys single artwork

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Alphabet Backwards on BBC Radio Oxford

Alphabet Backwards have been invited into BBC Radio Oxford today (April 10th) for a chat about their new e.p. with “The Dark Lord” Alex Lester.  Alex usually sits in the hot seat at BBC Radio 2 of course, but he also presents a show in Oxford every Friday afternoon and likes to support local musicians.

He’s been a long time supporter of Alphabet Backwards and played a previous single of theirs on his Radio 2 show back in 2012. James from the band will play a couple of acoustic tracks from their back-catalogue and one of the new tracks “Fingertips” will be played too.

Thanks, Alex!

Alphabet Backwards - Band pic (2)


Fresh Fave for The Strangler Figs

Attack of the Strangler Figs by The Strangler Figs was chosen as one of Tom Robinson’s “Fresh Faves” (batch 145) on the Fresh on The Net website recently.   “On first listening, I envisaged The Strangler Figs as being a theatrical band who would blow your socks off at a live performance and (having listened again and again) my views are the same. The audio is so refreshing and I bet the visual aspect would be amazing”.

A brilliant review of the band and this particular song  – and a great result to be featured on this site and endorsed by such a BBC6 Music radio icon.  Well done!

Strangler Figs  - Artwork

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Phoenix Calling all over Rock Sound!

It’s a big week for Phoenix Calling as their new single “Wasted Life” is released and also features on the free CD on the front cover of Rock Sound Magazine this month (issue 199/April 2015).

They appear alongside All Time Low, Deez Nuts, Gallows and more and have also been reviewed inside the mag too.

They’re currently being played by over 60 radio stations in the UK, which is a great result for them – and it will only increase now that the song is available to buy. We’re looking forward to the release of their debut album “Forget Your Ghosts” on April 27th too!

Phoenix Calling CD pic rocksound


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