KOLO on national Planet Rock Radio

Christmas has come early for KOLO, as they’ve just been added to the New Rock Show playlist on Planet Rock Radio from this weekend (Dec 20th) with their new single Castro.  The track has been produced by Chris Henderson from 3 Doors Down and is a rock anthem in the making. It’s released on January 19th and we’re thrilled they’ve had such a great response to the track – literally within minutes of us plugging them to radio.


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What a year for Pluggin Baby!

Wow! Time flies so quickly – it only seems like yesterday we were getting ready for the new year here at Pluggin Baby. In the last (nearly) 12 months, we’ve achieved some great results for our clients: Nina Baker was played on Radio 2, The Landed were played on Radio 1, ANiMA were on XFM’s Rock Show, Louise Rutkowski was play listed on BBC Radio Scotland, The Clox were interviewed and played on Absolute Radio and Stellify were Single Of The Week on Kerrang! Radio and also played nationally on Planet Rock Radio.

Well done to Alavano, who picked up national airplay on BBC Radio 2 and XFM;  The Rainband were played on Radio 2, Absolute Radio and 6 Music, W:Jax made it onto BBC London and Radio 2, Sacred Wind, Theia, Halcyon Hope and 4th Street Traffic were played for weeks on the New Rock Show on Planet Rock Radio. Martyr de Mona and KAV were on TeamRock Radio this year, Let Love Rule were supported on their native BBC Scotland and young Lydia Singer had 14 weeks of plays with her debut single “Meteor”. Not bad for a 12 year old;-)

We’ve had hundreds of other plays all over the world for our clients throughout the year and we’re looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings!  Get in touch with us if you want YOUR music played on the radio too:-)

Happy Christmas!

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